Deserted pink sand beaches lapped by crystal clear waters as far as the eye can see, glistening in the afternoon sun. Absently swirling your toes in the soft warm sand while a starfish beckons closer inspection … Snorkeling an undersea reef, getting up close and personal with swimming pigs and the Bahamian Dragon iguana in the Exumas … W is ready to take you there.

Captain’s Itinerary – meant to be suggestive only:

The Exuma Islands are a string of islands and cays that form a pearl necklace of long forgotten hideaways, natural harbors and secluded beaches that span over a hundred miles of clear blue water. Home to the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, one of the largest underwater and land preserves, the Exumas are a nature lover's paradise kept in its original pristine setting. 

 Once the yacht leaves Nassau, you will steam across the Exuma Banks.  These banks are rarely more than thirty feet deep and in some areas, they average less than fifteen feet.  Off in the distance, the first islands of the Exumas will appear, then more islands and cays will come into view.  Traveling within the Exumas with Marc who is an experienced Captain who knows all of the secret spots is the key to a successful charter among these cays (smile). 

Day One: Guests step aboard the boat at Albany Marina which is 20 minutes from the airport.

Depart dock once guests have come aboard and settled in.  First stop Highbourne Cay – Allan cays: Anchor out. 

Anchoring off Highborne Cay for the night will give you and your guests the opportunity to relax and adjust to Bahamian time.  Highbourne is a privately owned island with a small marina.  It offers a beautiful beach just a short walk away from the marina and is a great spot for the novice snorkeler or anyone just getting acclimated.  There is a friendly family of stingrays and spotted eagle rays that frequent the area.  Highbourne also offers a great setting for a picnic.

Day Two and Three: Move to Big Majors: Anchor out

Spending more than one day anchored in one location is also very common in the Exumas.  The reason for this is that there are quite a few miles between each anchorage, and it is often too shallow to visit them all, unless it is by tender. If you are the active and adventurous type –W- has the super fun slide to try out.

Visit Staniel Cay

Become adventurous and snorkel through the inside of the “grotto” known as Thunderball Cay where the James Bond was actually filmed wrestling his enemy to win over evil.  The Disney movie Splash was also filmed here. Just off the stern of the boat you can watch or swim with “Bruce,” the docile nurse shark who passes through a few times a day. At the same anchorage of Big Majors you can feed the pigs that live and bathe along the beach. As you approach the beach watch the pigs swim out to the tenders with excitement knowing that food has arrived.  Later in the day you may head off to Staniel Cay Yacht Club and enjoy sunset cocktails at this famous, old fashioned, local pub, voted by Jimmy Buffet as one of the world’s ten best places for a waterside drink!  Other islands worth seeing in this area are Farmer’s and Musha Cay.

Beach setup. Lounge in the sun, activities.  Water sports, jet skiing, tubing, paddle boarding, snorkeling and water skiing.  Take a boat tour of the pipe creek area, snorkel and look for conch shells.  Chef can make fresh Conch salad.

Day Four:  Move to Compass Cay area: Anchor out.

In the 30 foot tender the Captain can give you a tour of some of the other island as we head to the reef called “the Aquarium”, feed fish, great snorkeling.  Lots of beaches to explore on the way.  Stop at Rachel’s Bubble bath.           

Day Five:  Move to Warwick Wells with a stop at Rocky Dundas: Anchor out. 

At Rocky Dundas you can snorkel the reef in front of the caves and swim in if you wish to.  Once finished with snorkeling and lunch move on to Warwick Wells.  Take a tour of the island, which is the park headquarters for the Exumas.  See the whale bones on the beach and walk one of the trails to the blow hole.           

Day Six:  Move to Hawks Cay:  Anchor out:

Take a lazy afternoon. Let us know what you want to do. Maybe go feed the Turtles?

Day Seven: 

Option 1:  Move to Norman’s Cay: Anchor out. Snorkel the plane crash, hunt for Lobster and Conch.  Fish from the 30 foot Intrepid which may catch dinner.  Shoot over to Shroud Cay and check out the mangrove channels.

Option 2: Secure dockage at the Atlantis Resort Marina for the last night.  Guests can explore the resort and enjoy the nightlife of the resort and casino on Paradise Island.

Option 3: Leave for Nassau or alternatively, leave the evening prior and let your Captain make reservations at one of the Restaurants on the island. 

 Day Eight: Transportation will be arranged to transport the guests from the yacht to the Airport.