You've Toasted To Life, You've Toasted To Love.  This is The World Aboard W
It is said that the food can make a charter experience. In this area, W exceeds expectations. W’s acclaimed professional chef will work within your dietary preferences and personal tastes to customize a menu that makes each meal a delightful experience. W excels in creating unique and delicious menus incorporating paleo, vegan and vegetarian diets and the chef adds local provisions for a colorful twist. Whether a casual al fesco family style luncheon on the sun deck or a formal gourmet plated meal served in the main dining room, each and every meal is perfectly tailored to suit your tastes.



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A note from Chef Ron:
Enjoy a worldwide culinary taste bud exploration of fine cuisine aboard Motor Yacht W.

Traveling between the Americas, Caribbean and the Mediterranean, I like
to take in local cultures, cuisines and ingredients to explore the world
of food with my guests.

Formally trained in basic French cooking methods as well as international
cuisines, I have been a professional Chef for over 12 years and been enjoying
the adventurous super yacht industry for 8 years. I thoroughly enjoy
going ashore in a new destination to search local markets to find the
freshest organic ingredients for my guests to create lively, clean, low
fat dishes with presentation flair.

Your preferences, allergy and dietary requirements are always met through
our friendly open discussion menu planning. Some of my favorite cuisines
are Latin, Caribbean, Italian, California, Spa, Asian, Mediterranean and

I look forward to hosting you onboard!
Chef Ron